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How To: Enterprises and Wholesales 1 Gigabit Services over Fiber

A customer success story by albis-elcon
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Usually, wholesales and business customers have different demands on a network than private users. Along with a large bandwidth for high-speed internet access, customers look for the enforcement of Quality of Service and for secure mobile backhauling network solutions, which must be primarily efficient, flexible and easy to integrate. But the more points have to be included, the more expensive the realization becomes. To fulfill the customers’ wishes, nevertheless, network operators are looking for solutions, which are not only high-quality, but also combine multiple factors in only one service, to reduce the financial expenses permanently.

One of our customers was also confronted with this problem. As a tier-one communication service provider (CSP) in southern Europe, he was primarily looking for a more powerful and cost-saving alternative to the fiber optic network access technology used up to now for his customers in the business sector. Further criteria were simple and quick integration and installation options for indoor and outdoor. We then offered him our Ethernet demarcation device ACCEED 2104, which supports protected 1-Gigabit-Carrier-Ethernet services and is resistant to extreme temperatures, thanks to its hardware design.

Despite all these benefits the operator was sceptical at first: “Even if the ACCEED 2104 was able to fulfill all requirements, initially they had been reluctant to change their access devices, because the integration of a new solution is really complex”, explains one of our Product Line Managers. “Eventually the easy-to-integrate features of the ACCEED 2104 helped to introduce the product in the market and to waive our customer’s concerns”, our responsible Key Account Manager adds.
The features we are talking about here relate, among other things, to the compatibility of the ACCEED 2104 with the standard protocol NETCONF/YANG and the translation into another data model, which is therefore not necessary.

But it wasn’t just this integrated function that enabled our customer to quickly and easily restructure their network. You can read all the features and further details about our customer project in our data sheet – now available on our solutions page.

27. August 2020
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