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Network Management

Data transmission was the beginning, software control is the presence and network behavior prediction is the future. Data management is the focus. With our newest Solution Network Management, albis-elcon actively pursues the road towards Software Defined Networks.

Reduce complexity

Telecommunications networks are growing in size and complexity, making it hard for operators to manage issues efficiently.
Our network management solution features a strong multi-level navigation framework and visually pleasing design that is intuitive for end-users, allowing operators to quickly get an overview of the situation and zoom in to the network elements that require speedy attention.

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Getting a perfect overview of the details

Ease the management of your network

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Withstand all attacks

Your network is secure

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Always be one step ahead in any decision you make

Control your network and manage your data in a future-oriented way

Cut management costs

Allocating resources for network configuration and on-site maintenance can be a costly endeavour for telecommunications operators. A cost-effective and reliable approach to network management is essential.
albis-elcon’s MetroIntegrator solution drastically reduces operational expenses for telecommunications operators by enabling trouble-free remote monitoring and management.

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Service Management

MetroIntegrator allows provisioning for EVC, TDM and CES Services (Pseudowires) for SAToP and CESoPSN. The service view can be used to display alarms per service and the navigation framework makes it easy and efficient to show the service elements in multiple customizable views. Service alarms can be forwarded over the NBI as separate instances while providing NE alarm correlation information.

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Use Case:
Last Mile AS uses MetroIntegrator 4.6, a comprehensive and easy to use Network Management suited to monitor critical IT infrastructure
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