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connamic – a new purchasing model
Infrastructure follows fast changing market conditions
“It's like re-inventing the wheel!”

connamic, the new albis-elcon pure service-oriented model, makes investment budgets obsolete, waives maintenance concerns and is always available when needed – and only then.

Best of all, it fully complies with and contributes to global environmental sustainability initiatives with circular economy models already built in.

Positive Impact for Finance

  • reduced long term liabilities – improved rating
  • reduced fixed assets – reduced depreciation and CAPEX optimization
  • simplyfied budget decision – synchronised investment and revenues

With connamic there is no need for extensive capital budget planning. Only when the telecommunication service is installed, there will be a service fee for the infrastructure and payments and only whilst the infrastructure is and remains installed.

CAPEX very often is questioned by investors with complex calculations to support their amortization over the time. connamic is aligned with the customer service and is not adding up to the fixed assets, it’s a pure OPEX model. In addition investments very often are debt financed and decrease the credit rating of service provider.

connamic doesn’t require capital invest or lease agreement – it’s just pay as you go. The monthly usage fee improves the balance sheet indicators and the funding volume.

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Positive Impact for Logistics

  • simple hardware return, unrestricted and anytime
  • booster for circular economy & sustainability
  • optimised inventory

With the changing customer demand, technology upgrades, new products, optimized capital use and increasing requirements for environmental protecting material flow, logistic management is becoming a discipline equal to a reinventing of the wheel.

connamic by albis-elcon has already successfully delivered that invention. New supply models will flow directly towards installations for new customer connections and services. Churn or upgrade based material can be reused or returned without limitations.
Returned hardware is directly injected in the circular economy flow to be reused or recycled. Sustainability maximization, environmental protection is guaranteed and seamless tracking through this model at no extra cost.

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Positive Impact for Purchasing

  • full control of total cost of ownership TCO
  • simplyfied maintenance and license conditions
  • lifetime warranty

Everyone knows how difficult it is to negotiate a contract to provide a risk free total cost of ownership agreement. Possible super low purchase price together with warranty extension, maintenance packages, license, upgrade and customer adaptation end up in complex pricing matrix. When the service lifetime and end user customer take rates are unknown the TCO calculation become an unpredictable multi-layer model.

connamic offers one single monthly payment and only then when the service is needed. Maintenance, warranty, updates and functional upgrades are included – no hidden cost, no risk. Just service.

This simple approach results into more ressources for strategic business projects to move straight forward.

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Positive Impact for Engineering

  • all feature upgrades included
  • platform upgrades available
  • full investment utilisation – no sunk investments

With much faster product and architectural introduction, future upgrades and enhancements are already included.

New requirements and increasing customer expectations convert a telecommunication network into an accelerated changing object with massive flow towards more bandwidth, multi-layer functionality, redundant layout and secure design.

Only faster architectural adaptation with new product and functionality introduction can cope and fulfill those requirements. Predicable long-term technology decisions with solid ROI calculations become nearly impossible.

connamic offers seamless upgrades to all available future functionality within the selected platform, including technology upgrade to higher performance platforms without losing the investment already made.

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Interesting model – I really would like to know more now!

If our new connamic model might help your business to be more successful and you are interested to receive more details or you want to see if the model will really boost your business, we are right here to provide and discuss everything you need to know – with the media that fits you best!

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