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Super Last mile Gigabit Access

Speed up your Gigabit network deployment.

Reach all of your customers on the last mile.

Don’t build new white spots within your Gigabit networks.

The Speed of Light doesn’t mean to need 10 years or more for the last hundred meters.

Our GiGAWire Technology solution solves problems of delivering Broadband connectivity at Gigabit Speed
with Fiber Networks towards the customer applications aiming to full coverage at reasonable TCO.

In FTTH deployments usually a percentage of up to 20% of the customers
cannot be connected on-budget and -time.

GiGAWire Technology closes this gap and make fiber speed at Gigabit available.
No matter if it is a multi-tenant house or a single-family house, GiGAWire Technology can bring the Gigabit connectivity to and in the house down to the point of application.

Our GiGAWire Technology allows the customer to close Gigabit connectivity gaps and brings Gigabit speed to everybody at best TCO

Gigabit connectivity for everybody is a must for modern society to live, to do business, to share and contribute. How to reach this? The clear answer from albis-elcon is the fiberisation of the communication access networks and realization of FTTH solutions. To go this path, it will be hard to achieve a healthful business case and possible implementation in 100% of the cases.

To reach the goal of a complete Gigabit coverage we have invented a solution called GiGA1000 which is based on the GiGAWire Technology the ITU-T G.9960 standard approved by over 190 countries.

GiGAWire Technology for communication networks can work in FTTDP, FTTB and FTTH network environments and close the connectivity gaps by allowing other technologies, such as VDSL2 to be existing in parallel on the same network at the same time.

By the way with GiGAWire Technology we are focusing on the transmission over phoneline / Twisted Pair cables for the last meters while keeping the existing installations and infrastructure towards and within buildings. On top of this, GiGAWire Technology can also work in POF-, coax and powerline environments and even more.

GiGAWire Technology solution supports PON- and Active Ethernet (PtP)- WAN networks.

Low cost of deployment

No new wires

Coexistence with others


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No limits

Scalable to total connection of up to 256 subscribers

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GiGA internet service

VDSL and in the same bundle

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Last mile Gigabit is powerful

Coexistent with different technologies

Improvement of TCO with significant reduction of re-wiring within premises

Speed Improvement
In case optical fiber cable is not available your copper can last for the next round and supply Gigabit services.

TCO Saving
Avoidance of civil work or construction work in the building by using existing wires will improve your TCO significantly.

Time Saving
Using existing copper wiring on the last meters to the building and in the build enhances the speed of delivering the service.

Single – Port GiGA LT (microDPU)

GiGA NT in SFP form factor

GiGA NT in M.2-module form factor

GiGA1000 NT in CPE form factor

GiGAWire Technology devices installed
in distance so that crosstalk (FEXT and NEXT) disturbers are no issue

Existing solution without any need of crosstalk management

GiGAWire Technology devices installed close
to other cables or that even use the same cable – crosstalk (FEXT and NEXT) disturbers
are an issue

Availability of efficient cloud-based crosstalk management (VectorBoost)

GiGAWire Technology solution Rate vs. Reach

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