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Gigabit Access & Backhaul Networks

One of the cornerstones of the albis-elcon Business Access portfolio is providing a wide range of solutions to connect end-customer locations to the operator network. This range includes copper and fiber access.

Providing Value to the Business Customers

Business customers are requesting tailored solutions for their connectivity needs: Flexible and incremental bandwidth options, various connectivity topologies, scalability, different traf­fic classes, multiple protocol support and high availability. Individual service level agreements with the ability to prove the service compliance are important elements of differentiation. albis-elcon provides with the ULAF+ family all the elements to offer the needed value adds: bandwidth from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps, TDM and Ethernet connectivity, point-to-point, ring and meshed connectivity, fully MEF-compliant services and various measures to support SLA over the whole lifetime of a service.

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albis-elcon’s customer success:

Enterprise and Wholesales 1G Service over Fiber

Business customers are looking for higher bandwidth and a better connection to the network. To fulfill the end users’ wishes, one of our customers was looking for a more powerful and cost-saving alternative to its fiber optic network access devices used until now. As important criteria, in addition, an easy and flexible integration and the option of installation indoor and especially outdoor were mentioned.
How we at albis-elcon helped solving these problems with our business access solutions and why the customer ultimately chose us can be read here in the white paper.

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The high expenses related to testing and qualifying service conformity to SLA is a troubling issue for operators. Costs can quickly escalate when factoring in truck rolls, and the need to purchase expensive test equipment.
ACCEED units offer remote testing of SLA conformity via a built-in test generator and analyzer, dramatically reducing OPEX.

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Any Topology

albis-elcon business access devices are flexible to support any topology. ACCEED units can operate in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, stand-alone, linear or ring topologies.

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Robust as a German car and precise as a Swiss watch

Quality chosen by operators all over the world

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Building blocks leads to perfect and rock solid solutions

Customized to your demands

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Ultra-fast solutions to speed up your network

High-speed solutions for fast changing customer demands

Copper to fiber migration

Operators are migrating from copper to fibre access to provide higher bitrate services. Our ACCEED product line uses a unified platform and operating system for copper and fibre. Resulting in a familiar service configuration independent of the transmission medium reduces training costs, IT integration, OPEX…

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3rd Party


At albis-elcon, we provide CPEs that are standards compliant and therefore interoperable with any DSLAM so that operators can leverage their current network infrastructure to provide business class services. Moreover, 3rd party EFM CPEs are compatible to the albis-elcon EFM solutions.

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Converged networks are trending upward for business access applications. However, as operators look to run TDM and packet networks in parallel, the high operational costs involved pose an issue. albis-elcon offers a complete portfolio of business access solutions that support legacy access services delivered over packet networks.

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Legacy Migration

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