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Energy Powering for FTTx Networks

The albis-elcon FTTx Powering solution allows network operators to power any kind of network equipment such as fiber-to-the-curb and fiber-to-the-building applications quickly and affordably, bringing high-speed broadband access to their customers on time and at a fraction of the cost of previous rollouts.

VDSL rollout

Deployments of VDSL services are growing, global bandwidth demands are skyrocketing, and network operators are left to figure out how to resolve the high cost of infrastructure for local power supplies used with onsite DSLAM.
At albis-elcon, we’ve developed a way for network operators to use their existing copper lines and supply power to DSLAMs. By reusing existing copper pairs for the remote supply of sites, operators can realize cost savings of up to 40%.

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Power resilience for all active telecommunication equipment ensuring 24/7 availability

When it comes to 24/7 availability of services, network operators need a remote powering system that is guaranteed to work.
albis-elcon’s RPS 1600 is both efficient and reliable. Using existing copper lines, it powers network equipment, offering 100 percent stability and resiliency, with total operator control.

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Fiber rollout

Infrastructure costs for the power supply of active network components are soaring, and network operators are looking for affordable solutions.
We allow network operators to utilize the existing copper lines to feed active network components like MDUs in buildings (FTTB), ONUs in street cabinets (FTTC), micro-DSLAMs mainly used for FTTC/FTTB deployments, cutting costs dramatically.

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Reach your market on a straight way

Remote powering to empower your business

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It´s always worth investing in your network efficiency

Optimize CAPEX and OPEX with our remote power feeding solutions

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Trust builds on expertise and expertise comes with exercise

Rugged outdoor reliability and field-proven systems

Mobile sites powering

Small cell mobile networks like 4G and 5G are becoming denser, resulting in exorbitant infrastructure costs for powering active network components. Leveraging standard telecommunication copper lines, our solutions help network operators issue power to remote locations of mobile stations. They’re perfect for 4G and 5G cell sites.

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