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Network and Element Manager

(A product of Albis Technologies AG) 




MetroIntegrator is albis-elcon’s own state-of-the-art and comprehensive network management platform. With its strong multi-level navigation framework it allows the operator by means of a navigation map, navigation tree, main screen tabs and a powerful search facility to quickly acquire overview and zoom in to the network elements that require attention. It has been designed as a flexible and scalable architecture based on the ITU-T M.3000 series for the Telecommunications Management Network (TMN). The FCAPS functionality sets as defined in ITU-T M.3400 were taken as the main starting point to design a network management tool that perfectly suits the needs of the operator and will ease and enable the operators’ path towards SDN-based automation and enhanced service management.

  • Navigation Map and Tree with Search function
  • Multi-level sub-networks
  • Colored alarm indication (node, device)
  • Conditional audible alarm indication
  • Alarm lists (Subnetwork / NE / Card) and filters
  • Alarm, Event and Audit Log
  • Graphical Device Views (ULAF Racks / Compact Shelf / Desktops / Stand-Alone ACCEED)
  • Centralized software distribution management
  • Inventory data with export function
  • Performance statistics with export function
  • Alarm assignment and handover
  • Manual and periodic back-up & restore for both single and multi NE selections
  • Advanced user management (support of LDAP and RADIUS)
  • Service provisioning
  • MIB Browser


Element Management for the RPS Remote Powering System, ULAF+ Access and Aggregation Platform, CustomSNPM, I-GATE Gateways
Network Management featuring 3rd party support
Service Management including service activation testing
Fault and performance monitoring to track network performance and avoiding network failures

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