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“You never feel left alone”

Apprenticeship at albis-elcon - Interview with a trainee

Annika is a trainee at albis-elcon. She started her apprenticeship in another company but decided to change the company at the beginning of the year due to different work ideas. She has been with us since mid-March. So it’s time to ask Annika a few questions about her everyday life and experiences with us.

Why did you decide for an apprenticeship as industrial clerk?
I have always had a great interest in business – I simply enjoy working at my desk, making phone calls with customers or working on problems with colleagues. The diversity of this apprenticeship makes the difference to other professional fields.

Why did you decide to continue your training at albis-elcon?
When I realised that the expectations regarding my training were too different between me and my company, I decided to change my training company in the second year of apprenticeship. After intensive internet research and searching through training brochures, I came across albis-elcon. Despite the slightly different circumstances, I got the opportunity to continue my training here and was warmly welcomed.

How is everyday life as an apprentice at albis-elcon? And in which departments have you already been?
At first, my induction period in March was somewhat different to what I would have imagined, because I had my first day of work at the same time as measures and restrictions of the SARS-CoV-2 virus started. In retrospect, the situation was handled pretty well and despite the circumstances I was able to get to know and experience the work routine here. There is only one thing I can say about the daily routine of an apprentice: It never gets boring. Every day, new tasks that require a wide variety of skills await me. My time schedule is a little different than usual because in one year I go through all the departments that trainees here normally complete in three years. That is why I have less time per department than normally planned. I started in the warehouse and incoming goods department to get a feeling for the products. After that, I moved on to logistics, quality management, purchasing and currently I can actively participate in the marketing department. I am excited and look forward to the departments that are still to come.

What will you do after your apprenticeship? Do you already know which department you would like to work in later?
At the moment I am dealing with the question of which department or on which topic I would like to write my thesis. But since I haven’t been to all departments yet, it is difficult for me to make a final decision. The same applies to my time after the training. But at the moment I could very well imagine a position in purchasing or in marketing, because most of my interests lie in these two departments. In addition, I have decided to complete a further training to become a business administrator after finishing my apprenticeship. After that, I don’t really worry about finding something suitable for me, because this commercial training gives you so many opportunities in professional life.

In what ways does albis-elcon differ from other companies as a training company?
At albis-elcon, the well-being of trainees is taken care of and that they receive the best possible training. This is very important to me personally. In addition, regular feedback meetings are arranged after each department passed through to find out what was positive and what was negative, and to make adjustments if necessary. We trainees are therefore always in close contact with HR and thus, never feel left alone.

4. September 2020
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