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Home office with albis-elcon

At the moment, the Sars-CoV-2 virus is challenging both private individuals and companies all over the world. In particular, the daily working life has changed considerably. If possible, people work remotely from home. But besides all the benefits the home office offers, it also gives rise to new problems.

The strongly increasing home office usage causes an increase of data transfer, too. Thus, the telecommunications infrastructure reaches its limits due to network overload – in particular at the access nodes. Worldwide, the same question is asked: How usefully, powerfully and efficiently home office works at the moment and how it should work?
Hardly anyone takes note of the enormous dat, which are transported in highes speed from business headquarters, over operator’s network to the employee’s home office – and also back the same road. Video conferencing, cloud services and the use of centralized company applications from the home office are leading to a significantly growing demand for symmetrical bandwidth among the companies. Faster data transfer and, especially, access to company data are requested for a smooth and easy workflow, which makes the wish for a fiber rollout and internet access up to 10 Gbps stronger than ever. But in many places these conditions are still not the standard – the reality are often bandwidths hardly allowing 100 Mbps and thus, long loading times and poor audio and video connections.

With our fiber solution for business customers we offer an ultra-fast and highly available access, which enables a maximum data transfer and low latency. With the “carrier grade” functions of our ACCEED and BIG devices operators are able, on the one hand, to generate defined profiles for a guaranteed bandwidth, and on the other, to prioritize specific services. This concept makes access to company infrastructure faster and improves audio and video connections thanks to the reduction of packet loss and packet runtime. In the end, this not only benefits the home office users, but is also a big plus for branch offices, which are connected to the virtual network of the company’s headquarters.

With our devices ACCEED 21xx, 44xx and BIG 2862, which are based on 40 years of concentrated expertise and quality work, we offer a wide range of L2 and combined L2/L3 products for global networking. Our flexible and high-performance devices satisfy almost any requirement and offer the best solution for every customer’s scenario.

10. June 2020
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