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Welcome at “Real Networks”

Have a look behind the scenes!

“The idea to create a company blog came up, because we would like to get closer in touch with our customers. We want to share our knowledge with them and initiate sort of a dialogue with them. It didn’t take us long to collect the first posting ideas and, after shaping a concept, this here is kind of the beginning of our first article”, Lisa Marie replies to the question, why albis-elcon now jumped on the bandwagon of corporate blogs, too.

Lisa has been working at albis-elcon since summer 2019. As the Online Marketing Manager in the Marketing team she is mainly responsible for the online presence of the company. She studied Media Communications with focus on visual communication and marketing at the Technical University of Chemnitz. “I have always loved writing. And as a so-called “digital native” it was clear for me that one day I would find myself working in a job like this. That’s why I mainly create content for albis-elcon´s social media accounts and in future for the blog as well. So to speak, I have not only the possibility to live out my professional interests, but can also try out myself in a branch that was almost unknown to me until I started working at albis-elcon. This, in addition, makes the matter quite varied.”

When being asked to name five facts about herself, so that the blog readers may get a better picture about her person, she only answers, smilingly: “To be honest, I’m not a friend of this typical “Five Facts About Me”-thing. Mostly, this information is rather randomly chosen and actually not really interesting. Though, what I have to say: It’s a strange feeling to talk about oneself in the third person. As I am responsible for the blog posts – I do not only write them, but have to pick together all information as well – it’s a little awkward writing an article about myself and trying to let it sound like an interview. So, I think it’s good to know, that in the future articles will be about the company rather than about me.” With the launch of this posting, further articles have been uploaded as corporate blog posts, she continues. For example, it can be looked up what an internship at albis-elcon´s marketing department looks like. “So, yeah, in conclusion: Have fun clicking through our articles and enjoy reading!”

22. January 2020
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