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PSM 1001

Management Module

for the Remote Powering System RPS 1600




The PSM 1001 is a state of the art management module which helps network operators to monitor and manage up to 253 PSC units cost-efficiently via the SNMP v2/3 protocol. The integrated RS 485 interface allows a dedicated configuration for each RPS 1600 / PSC 08xx component within the network. For a local configuration the module offers an integrated CLI.


  • Supports up to 253 x PSC 1600
  • Supports up to 506 x PSR 08xx



  • Embedded LCT / CLI
  • Embedded 2-port Ethernet switch
  • Southbound interface: RS485
  • Northbound interface: SNMPv2/3
  • 4 x discrete outputs: MDO, dry contacts, alarms
  • 4 x discrete inputs: MDI, e.g. door contacts


System Integration

  • Required components at central office: PSC 1600 / PSC 08xx
  • Optional: Network Management Software MetroIntegrator
  • Small footprint (W x D x H): 355 mm x 122 mm x 44 mm


FTTC – Feeding of active components in street cabinets from central office site, e.g. micro-DSLAMs, VDSL2-ONU

FTTB/H – Feeding of active components in buildings from central offices or street cabinets, e.g. micro-DSLAMs, ONU (Eth or VDSL out), fibre switches

Mobile nodes – Providing remote power for small cell-nodes for 4G / 5G networks (eNodeB)

Power resilience for critical telecommunication applications, e.g. emergency lines, monitoring systems, CCTV

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