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PSC 1600

16 Wire Pairs Upconverter

for the Remote Powering System RPS 1600




The PSC 1600 unit connects up to 16 individual feeding lines delivering up to 240 W for remote feeding of remote system components in a distance of up to 5 km. To convert the full power of one PSC 1600 at the remote site either two PSR 08xx or four PSR 04xx can be installed. Cascading of six PSC 1600 units and the corresponding PSR 083x units delivers up to 1,440 W to the remote site working with highest power efficiency of up to 92 %. The state of the art management unit PSM 1001 complements the PSC 1600 for local and remote management in combination with our MetroIntegrator system.


  • Power output: ≤ 240 W (16 lines)
  • Up to 22 W* output power per line (ca. 15 W in 5 km range**)
  • RFT-C feeding voltage: 140 – 380 V DC (factory setting)
  • RFT-C feeding current: ≤ 59 mA DC
  • 48 V / 60 V DC In

System Integration

  • Required components at remote site: PSR 04xx / PSR 08xx
  • Optional: PSM 1001 management unit
  • Optional: Network management system MetroIntegrator
  • Integrated remote management with redundancy
  • Local management interface daisy chained up to 253 PSC units
  • Very high safety due to detection of correct power sink (PSR unit), short / open loops, overload, unbalance on the wire pairs etc.
  • Small footprint (W x D x H): 355 mm x 236 mm x 66 mm
  • Very high density: up 27 PSC 1600 units per ETSI N3 rack (= 432 feeding ports)
  • Enhanced operational temperature range up to -25°C


* PSC output power set to 380 V DC
** assumed parameters: diameter of copper wire = 0.4 mm; wire resistance < 1,500 Ω


FTTC – Feeding of active components in street cabinets from central office site, e.g. micro-DSLAMs, VDSL2-ONU

FTTB/H – Feeding of active components in buildings from central offices or street cabinets, e.g. micro-DSLAMs, ONU (Eth or VDSL out), fibre switches

Mobile nodes – Providing remote power for small cell nodes for 4G / 5G networks (eNodeB)

Power resilience for critical telecommunication applications, e.g. emergency lines, monitoring systems, CCTV

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