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SHDSL EFM / TDM Repeater





The regenerative repeaters of the ZWR2 product family are used if the distance between line terminating unit (central office site) and network terminating unit (remote site) exceeds the maximum operating range of the DSL access. When using one ZWR2, the range is doubled, whereas application of two cascaded ZWR2 allows to even triple the SHDSL system transmission range. The repeater for SHDSL transmission ZWR2 regenerates the attenuated and distorted incoming signal for further transfer. The copper-copper repeaters support net data rates from 192 kbps to 5700 kbps (in one-pair mode) or, resp. up to 2850 kbps (in two-pair operation).

  • Support of different modes of operation (TDM/ATM, EFM-, SHDSL-mode) in one- and two-pair operation
  • Support of bit rates n . 64k from 192 kbps to 5700 kbps
  • Copper-copper repeaters support forward and reverse powering
  • SHDSL symmetric bandwidth technology
  • Rack mountable or for outdoor usage


Improved network reliability and energy distribution for communication networks
Massive CAPEX/OPEX savings due to network optimization of existing infrastructure
Repeater technology with 50% less power consumption than comparable products
Exploitation of white-spot areas
Availability of xDSL in rural areas
Very specialized solution portfolio for a stepwise and reliable migration to next generation networks

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