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Management & Concentrator Unit with Circuit Emulation Service (CES)

for ULAF+ access platform




The MCU-CES includes all the features of the MCU-S and the CES functionality. The MCU-CES is designed to run E1 voice and data services emulation over packet switched networks. Together with the ULAF+ transmission units the MCU-CES module optimizes performance and cost efficiency of metro Ethernet applications.
The ULAF+ CES centralized solution processes CES in the sub rack avoiding waste of bandwidth on the access links due to overhead of Ethernet packets. Furthermore the high integrated ULAF+ architecture minimizes the need for space in the central office and avoids additional cabling of data, power and management networks.

Management Interfaces

  • V.24/RS232 for Local Craft Terminal (LCT)
  • 3x 10/100 BaseT NMS ports on front pannel
  • SNMP V1, V2c and V3 support
  • SNMP V3 security features: encryption, authentication, simple pre-defined user/group-based security model
  • up to 8 traps destinations
Switch Interfaces

  •  2x SFP bays for GbE modules
  • 1x 100/1000baseT electrical
  • 3x 10/100baseT for NMS
Switch Features

  • Non blocking 16-port FastEthernet and 2-port 1GbE switch
  • Self-learning table for up to 16384 MAC addresses
  • Wire speed switching in store-and-forward mode
  • IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation
  • Ethernet frame lengths from 1518 bytes to 9216 bytes
  • VLAN support according to IEEE 802.1Q
  • Support of GARP and GVRP
  • Support of VLAN stacking Q-in-Q (IEEE 802.1ad)
  • QoS features
  • Support of DiffServ
  • Access control features
  • Broadcast Storm Protection

  • Up to 32 TDM tributary ports (E1)
  • Supported CES standards: ITU-T: Y.1413, Y.1453, IETF: RFC 4553, MFA Forum: A 8.0.0 and MEF18
  • MEF18 compliance (certified)


Carrier Grade Gigabit Ethernet switch aggegrating up to 16 Fast Ethernet ports perf shelf
Aggregation of up to 32x E1 per subrack into 1 GE uplink
Redundant Gigabit Ethernet Uplink
MEF compliant CES (Circuit Emulation Service) capability

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