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2 Wire Pairs SHDSL Regenerator

for ULAF+ EFM and TDM applications, 3rd party MSAN/DSLAM interoperabilities for EFM applications




The BSRU 2 wire pairs SHDSL regenerator extends the coverage for many business applications. It allows to multiply the reach and/or to increase the bandwidth of an SHDSL system. Up to 8 repeaters (BSRU) can be cascaded. The maximum achievable distance depends on cable parameters and the required bandwidth, selectable from 192 – 5696 kbit/s on each wire pair. The BSRU is powered either by the integrated Remote Power Supply (RPS), implemented in ULAF+ copper modem line cards or by the use of a local -48VDC feeding. The RPS enables a remote powering of cascaded repeaters and/or the remote copper modem. The BSRU is available in 2 product options (BSRU and BSRU+). The BSRU+ supports additional fault localization capabilities, which allow a fast localization and analysis of different wiring faults. Both product options have the same dimensions and are housed in an octagonal plastic case. The regenerator is fully integrated into ULAF+, it is configured and managed like any other ULAF+ product: either with the LCT (Local Craft Terminal) software or with the MI (Metro Integrator), ULAF+’s network management.

  • Supports all TDM and EFM transport over SHDSL technlogies
  • Standards compliant for 3rd party interoperability
  • Supports SHDSL / SHDSL.bis
  • Supports line codes TC-PAM 16 and TC-PAM 32
  • Individual bit rates on each wire pair from 192 – 5696 kbit/s
  • Integrated solution within the ULAF+ total system: Operation with all ULAF+ SHDSL units (ACCEED, QSTU, BSTU and BSTU4), Mangable with the same management tools as for all other ULAF+ units
  • Standards compliant for 3rd party interoperability
  • Versatile power feeding: Remote power feeding from LT or NT, Remote power feeding ”terminated” or ”passed through”, Local power feeding (clamps or connector)
  • Configurable for 2 and 1 wire pair operation
  • Lowest power consumption, allowing a large power feeding reach
  • Integrated primary over voltage protection (ITU-T K.20, K.21, K.45)
  • Management and maintenance via standard SHDSL EOC


High Speed Business Access
EFM Applications in Extended Carrier Ethernet Service Area
Reliable Mobile Backhaul
Ethernet leased lines and voice services over TDM network
Data and voice services in Campus Networks
Business Access for Rural Areas

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