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Interface Converter Desktop and Plug-In

for ULAF+ Access Switch




With its modular design and wide range of interfaces the BGTU is a very flexible interface converter solution, that can be used to meet specific customer requirements. It offers conversion between E1 interfaces and standard data communications interfaces V.35, X.21, V.36 and Ethernet. The BGTU also includes a self learning Layer-2 switch with VLAN transparency.

  • Flexible interface converter for full or fractional E1
  • Layer 2 switch
  • Fulfills all requirements of the ITU-T and ETSI standards (ITU-T Rex. I.431, ETSI ETS 300 233), for ISDN specific maintenance functions


Interface conversion from Ethernet or nx64kbit/s data to 2 Mbit/s G.703/G.704 network IF
Interface conversion from Ethernet or nx64kbit/s data including add/drop with Fractional E1 into 2 Mbit/s G.703/G.704 IF
703 ‘Transparent E1’ operation mode
704 ‘Structured E1’ operation mode
ISDN PRA operation mode
Interface converter ‘Ethernet over E1’ for DCN (e.g. Support of inband management with MetroIntegrator (MI)

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