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Switching and Management Card

for the ULAF+ Business Access System




The ACCEED SMC is the new generation Ethernet Switching and Management Card designed for the ULAF+ Business Access System. The ACCEED SMC acts as Management Unit for the Subrack V3 and the Compact Shelf. It can manage up to 16 ULAF+ line cards (EFM or TDM) and up to 128 NTUs per shelf. Thanks to the 4 uplinks ports and the 16 backplane interfaces, the ACCEED SMC can aggregate Carrier Ethernet traffic coming from the Access Network and deliver it reliably through the Packet Network to the destination, enforcing QoS and traffic prioritization.

  • Management access for 16 line cards including connected NTs with single IP-Address
  • Nonblocking line rate Carrier Ethernet Switch aggregating traffic from line cards and NTs
  • ACCEED OS Carrier Ethernet feature set
  • Protected and cascadable GbE uplink ports
  • Sub 50 ms Ethernet Linear and Ring Protection
  • Synchronization with SyncE, 2048 kbit/s and 2048 kHz
  • Ethernet Link and Service OAM
  • TWAMP Controller, Sender and Responder
  • Built-in Traffic Generator and Analyzer for SAT (Service Activation Test)
  • CLI, LCT+, SNMP v1, v2c, v3, NETCONF, Syslog
  • Supported by ULAF+ LCT+ and MetroIntegrator


Management Unit of ULAF+ access platform

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