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Successful installations in Norway with the new MetroIntegrator 4.6, a comprehensive and easy to use Network Management suited to monitor critical IT infrastructure.

Critical infrastructures providers are handling complex networks with multivendor network devices. With this, network providers are facing the problem that they have to control a wide variety of devices (any network device, server, router, switch, microwave link, environmental monitoring devices…) using different Network Management Systems platforms, handling data on availability and performances. The implementation of a variety of NMSs makes CAPEX and OPEX of IT skyrocketing (platforms cost, maintenance and tech support).

But how can network providers control a wide variety of devices in the future and do it cost-effectively?
albis-elcon provides a “single” platform, our MetroIntegrator (MI), to control such a wide variety of devices, securing high availability even in critical infrastructure networks.

Any kind of 3rd party SNMP device can be easily monitored from the MI platform. MI can receive notifications and monitor availability and performance of any network device, server, router, switch, microwave link, environmental monitoring devices.

MI is providing the best-in-class trap abilities and navigation GUI, that in conjunction with a flexible pricing scheme, tailored on any specific network configuration, are giving to the customer the best performance/cost ratio.

Last Mile successful use case:

Last Mile AS in Norway has successfully commissioned the first MetroIntegrator platforms to critical infrastructures providers. In Norway, key clients within utilities, large enterprises, broadband companies and others, with high demands on quality, stability and security, have enjoyed the advantages provided by the new MI platform. So they have the possibility to manage their entire communications infrastructure.

The installations are part of a larger promotion of MI in Norway from Last Mile.


About Last Mile AS

Last Mile is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of communication, IoT and security solutions for all industrial environments on land and at sea.

The most important customer segments are the maritime sector, water and wastewater, transport, oil and gas, power that places the highest demands on quality, stability and safety.

Within these segments, we find critical infrastructure and societal functions with a number of challenges in safety and HSE.

Our main focus is to deliver systems and solutions that take care of people, life and health. And important functions, critical infrastructure, operation, production and service. Loss or halt in the production and delivery of critical infrastructure or socially important functions will affect us humans, industry and our workplaces.

Through competence partners and system integrators, we deliver modern technology that solves customers’ needs for security and ongoing monitoring.

About albis-elcon

albis-elcon delivers products, solutions and services that help companies, primarily communication service providers to build and operate better networks and reduce the energy needed. With 15 million installed devices in more than 40 countries, the company is well-positioned to deliver software defined and virtualization enabling gigabit networking for Cloud computing, enterprise access, mobile backhaul and 5G Campus networks.

Superior-engineered hardware, software, network management, and implementation services manage complexity and provide sustainable, secure communication.

albis-elcon — power to complete networks. More at

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albis-elcon contact:
Philipp Neuber
Director Marketing and Back Office
Tel: +49 3722 7351-2935

28. September 2021
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