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uSphir Software Suite

for any Whitebox & any VNF/CNF

Service ready

Plug & play

high performance

uSphir is albis-elcon’s NFV ecosystem for real open network disaggregation. It enables any Whitebox into a fully operational uCPE. This covers a complete NFV environment combining uSphir Central, a manager and orchestrator for high-scale service automation to accelerate new service roll-outs and uSphir OS, an NFV infrastructure operating system (OS).

uSphir provides a turnkey solution with all the benefits of open source software, but with added security, performance, management and orchestration (MANO) features that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) require.

  • Support of any Intel® Atom®, Intel® Xeon® or similar arm® processor
  • Small footprint and low resource consumption
  • High per-core processing and networking performance
  • Zero Touch uCPE pre-configuration and self-automated image installation
  • An open and flexible NFV-OS
  • DPDK and SR-IOV acceleration
  • Secured uCPE device boot capability ensures the device boots using only trusted software
  • Virtual switching and VNF service chaining available for all third-party VNF applications that are certified on uSphir
  • Full uCPE lifecycle management for both the uSphir OS and VNFs, including support for remote upgrade, backup, restore, and provisioning
  • Proven interoperability and performance-tested support for third-party VNFs


Network Virtualization to provide more agility and flexibility for new network rollouts
Mobile Edge Computing to provide ultra-low latencies
Network Orchestration to manage the connections between network functions and services
IoT e.g. Video Analytics to reduce network resource utilization and improve latency
Improved Security Services through centralized control mechanisms and equally distributed enforcement
Network Slicing for optimized services to add flexibility, efficiency, and agility for the end-user

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