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Inverse Multiplexer and Line Card for ULAF+ Access Switch

for Ethernet over TDM




The GTU4 is an Ethernet over TDM Inverse Multiplexer unit of the ULAF+ product family. It is designed to transmit up to 8 Mbit/s Ethernet traffic over multiple E1 channels, thus enabling carriers to offer broadband Ethernet leased lines to their business customers. The GTU4 helps network operators leverage existing SDH infrastructure with services such as interconnections of customer LAN‘s or by upgrading SDH multiplexers with Ethernet interfaces.

  • GTU4 is a Ethernet Over TDM Inverse Multiplexer for full or fractional E1
  • GUTU 4 enables transmission of up to 8 Mbit/s via four E1 channels
  • GTU4 has a 4-port, self-learning, VLAN-transparent Layer 2 switch
  • GTU4 can be used to extend existing SDH networks with Ethernet interfaces or to connect established LANs to one another


Ethernet Over TDM Inverse Multiplexer

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