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16 Wire Pairs SHDSL EFM

Carrier Ethernet Line Card for ULAF+ Access Switch




ACCEED 1816 supports bonded high speed symmetrical Carrier Ethernet services up to 102.4 Mbit/s on bonded copper pairs. Comprehensive traffic management and an integrated E1 CES interworking function enables the implementation of a broad variety of crucial applications where fiber is not available.

  • Ethernet over up to 16 bonded copper wire pairs
  • Standard compliant IEEE 802.3ah EFM
  • Sub 50ms Ethernet linear and ring protection switching
  • Rate adaptive SHDSL
  • Ethernet services with guaranteed bandwidth per flow
  • Non blocking line rate switching
  • Integrated CES interworking function
  • E1 interface to support legacy customer equipment
  • Synchronization with SyncE, 2048 kbit/s, 2048 kHz and SHDSL symbol clock
  • Standard Ethernet Link and Service OAM
  • 3.3ms CCM intervals
  • Built-in remote power supply
  • Built-in Y.1564 Service Activation Test
  • Intuitive graphical configuration tool


High Speed Business Access
Reliable Mobile Backhaul
Business Access for Rural Areas
Utility Solutions

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