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8 Wire Pairs SHDSL

Carrier Ethernet Access and Demarcation Unit




The ULAF+ ACCEED 1480 is a 1HU 19-inch rack mountable EFM SHDSL unit with 1-8 wire pairs bonding in up to 4 bonding groups. The full feature set of ACCEED OS (AOS) is supported. It provides a number of SFP and electrical Ethernet network interface ports as well as SHDSL interfaces to connect other ULAF+ EFM units or any EFM standards compliant 3rd party devices. Additionally each SHDSL port can provide remote power to feed repeaters or CPEs over the local loop.
ACCEED 1480 can be used in P2P applications as “LT” or “NT”, also together with ACCEED 1102, 1104, 1416 and BSRU or in “CO/RT- Mode” with 3rd party EFM CPEs or in linear applications. The unit meets the installation requirements of street cabinets and central office locations.

  • Ethernet over up to 8 bonded copper wire pairs
  • Standard compliant IEEE 802.3ah EFM
  • Supports SFP with DDM
  • Sub 50ms Ethernet linear and ring protection switching
  • Rate adaptive SHDSL
  • Network demarcation allowing SLA enforcement
  • Ethernet services with guaranteed bandwidth per flow
  • Non blocking line rate switching
  • Integrated CES interworking function
  • E1 interface to support legacy customer equipment
  • Synchronization with SyncE, 2048 kbit/s, 2048 kHz and SHDSL symbol clock
  • Standard Ethernet Link and Service OAM
  • 3.3ms CCM intervals
  • Built-in remote power supply
  • Up to 8 repeater stages supported
  • Built-in Y.1564 Service Activation Test
  • Intuitive graphical configuration tool
  • Zero Touch Provisioning


High Speed Business Access
Rural DSLAM Backhaul
Business Access for Rural Areas
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