Power Feeding & Distribution

To meet end customers’ requirements for higher bandwidth services and faster internet connections, access networks need to be modernized to fibre-based structures. albis-elcon's Remote Powering System RPS 1600 supports network operators in the distribution of power supply in their fibre optic access networks and significantly accelerates time-to market.

Since the optical fibre has to be terminated closer to the end customer, the access network needs a remote power supply solution to operate the distributed active network elements. This makes power supply in access networks expensive and complex, as different regional utility companies must coordinate their works. To ensure operation and service even in case of power failure, multiple new locations need battery backups as emergency electrical supply, which requires substantial investments and ongoing maintenance costs.

The Remote Powering System RPS 1600 provides a unique chance to optimize energy distribution in networks while at the same fully exploiting bandwidth and performance capacity of the fibre-based access networks. This allows network operators to realize up to 40% cost savings usually spent during the deployment of fibre structures for powering and operation. In addition to that, it will take much less time to roll out FTTX- and small cell networks – independent from the local power supply company.

The continued use of the existing copper network guarantees a defined power output of up to 15 watts over a distance of 6 km length on a paired copper cable.


  • Guaranteed power output (up to 15 watts) over a distance of 6 km on a copper wire pair
  • High energy efficiency of about 90% at the subscriber side
  • Fast „Time-to-market“, since the fibre rollout does not depend on regional electricity supplier