Circuit Emulation

Many TDM based leased line services have been rolled out and are still up and running today. Despite the shift from TDM to a more efficient packet network, the nx64kbps TDM services based on E1, X.21 and V.35 interfaces are still widely deployed for business services and can make a substantial contribution to the network operator's revenue. The applications that are realized based on these TDM services are mobile backhauling, voice interconnections and data connections to any router and legacy equipment including ATM and frame relay.

Network operators are facing today and in the near future challenges with regard to the lifecycle of their currently offered TDM services. Circuit Emulation Services (CES) provide the way to extend the lifecycle of TDM services towards the end customers, but still reaping the advantages of packet based network transport.

Circuit Emulation is a key component in the solutions offered by the albis-elcon portfolio.