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All-IP Service Migration

Having launched its new Business Intelligent Gateway BIG 5530, albis-elcon is about to revolutionize the market for the migration of voice services. This product mainly addresses Small Medium Enterprises (SME). It is the first solution for voice migration of smaller business customers enabling ISDN customers  to still use their existing legacy equipment. Due to its superior clocking accuracy, BIG 5530 allows convenient high-definition voice and fax services in All-IP networks.

Since BIG 5530 is offered at a very attractive price, telecom service providers can finally realize a positive business model when delivering the existing ISDN end customers´ voice services over new, packet-based (All-IP) exchange equipment. Up to 8 ISDN-S0 interfaces can be migrated to SIP-trunks, whereby the customer can continue to use the existing telecommunications infrastructure. The BIG 5530 can be easily configured with a few parameter changes, and can therefore be integrated in any telecommunications network behind a WAN-Gateway at the end customer’s side.

During the development of BIG 5530, albis-elcon has profited from its special know-how as long-term market leader in ISDN network termination products. The BIG 5530 comes as a true revolution for the optimization of voice networks!


  • Migration of up to 8 ISDN-S0-interfaces to SIP-trunks
  • Extremely high clocking accuracy for voice and fax services in superior quality
  • Cost-efficient gateway for the migration of business customers in NGNs