Power to complete networks

As different our customer's requirements are, as versatile are our solutions. Our product portfolio is entirely focused on network optimization.

To satisfy the growing bandwidth demands, network operators are required to constantly optimize and modernize their networks. For this, access networks will be migrated to fibre-based structures and terminated as close as possible to the end customer. This is a major challenge for network operators, since it is necessary to ensure quick return of the high investments in the fibre rollout.

In the long term, any investment in future telecommunications networks should pay off by an optimized rollout and lower operating costs. albis-elcon's latest product innovations aim at achieving precisely this objective, since they help to reduce total costs of ownership. Finally, the added value of access networks should be seen in network operation and in Open Access Management. Our equipment composed of a variety of HW and SW components is deployed by a large number of operators around the world including many Tier 1 companies.


  • New Attractive Services - Revenue Growth
  • High Quality Services - Customer Retention
  • Service Assurance - Customer Satisfaction
  • Leading OAM - Reduced OPEX