Universal Access Family

ULAF+ is the «All-in-One Platform» to offer Ethernet and TDM services over packet or TDM networks exploiting existing copper or fiber access infrastructure. ULAF+ offers the flexibility to provide versatile and comprehensive services out of the same sub rack. Traditional E1, data (V.35, V.36, X.21) and Ethernet services can share the same subscriber line and desktop unit.

ULAF+ is a modular system for Business Class Ethernet as well as 2 Mbit/s and nx64 kbit/s services. The transmission between the network operator and the subscriber is based on ETSI, IEEE, and ITU standards. The system offers copper and fiber interfaces to utilize existing access network infrastructure. Wire pair bonding allows for fiber like speed, quality and reliability on multi pair copper access links. Regenerators in a cascading chain and built in remote feeding circuits extend the reach of high bit rate services to remote locations.

ULAF+ is designed to support the Carrier Ethernet Services defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). For local ULAF+ operation and maintenance, the system can be controlled by means of a Local Craft Terminal (LCT), which is connected to the MCU/MCU-S/MCU-CES or to the desktop units. The MetroIntegrator management software is used for centralized operation and maintenance.