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TDM Business Gateways


The availability of broadband Internet access has become an important criterion when corporate customers are about to chose the location of their business.  These clients not only wish to have symmetrical broadband services, they are rather interested in a highly available, extremely safe and full-performance network access, allowing for a reliable communication flow between their branch offices. For setting up such high-quality homogeneous networks, today there is still no alternative to the use of standardized TDM-interfaces. Since a growing number of CPEs are linked over the Ethernet port, while the legacy communication networks behind often still use TDM-interfaces (e.g. E1/G.703), modern transmission and converter systems are needed to provide the customers with such accesses.


Albis-elcon provides 2 product series to match TDM customer requirements:

ELCONnect xpand offers both high-grade SHDSL E1 broadband transmission systems and versatile Ethernet to E1 WAN converter solutions up to 16 E1’s which enable further use of the existent copper cable and network infrastructure.

ULAF+ TDM is the managed and modular rack solution, focusing on E1 extension over SHDSL, Ethernet over n x E1 inverse multiplexing and 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet + E1.