Remote Powering Systems

The RPS is a Remote Power Supply module for xDSL-DSLAMs, which have no own remote power functionality for the xDSL-transmission path.

Its deployment allows for a significant range extension with a multitude of albis-elcon-made and customer-specific xDSL-systems (TDM, ATM und EFM). The RPS8 will be installed connected between the xDSL-DSLAM and the remote device and is able to support 8 xDSL-lines (1-pair) independently from each other with a remote supply voltage of 112 V DC. Regenerative repeaters (e.g. xDSL-EFM-repeaters) or corresponding xDSL-capable remote feeding NTs (e.g. NT2MSKU-E 2P / NT2MSKU-T 2P) can be provided with supply voltage from the exchange side and do not need any local power.

The remote supply voltage is delivered to the xDSL-line from the DSLAM, whereby the DSLAM is protected against feedback. Each remote power source can individually be switched on and off; the operating resp. error states are indicated by LEDs on the front side. With the additional sum alarm interface also error and operating states can be transmitted to the DSLAM and are shown in the system management.