MetroIntegrator - Network Management Systems

MetroIntegrator is albis-elcon's newest member of the management product line and allows operators to run advanced networkmanagement applications from within their standard browsers. MetroIntegrator will ease and enable operators to prepare for SDN based automation and enhanced service management.


The Local Craft Terminal via an enhanced GUI provides fast graphical access for trouble shooting, configuration, status overview, performance statistics and visibility and manageability of complex carrier ethernet configurations.

  • Network Manager
    - With clusterin capabilities
    - North Bound Interface included
  • Modern Java-based Architecture
    - No client installation required
    - Runs on all modern OS’s
  • Advanced GUI
    - Powerful & Intuitive Navigation GUI
    - Graphical Device View
    - Multi-level, Multi-domain, Multi-view
  • Full ITU-T TMN FCAPS Implementation
    - Device Management
    - Inventory Management
    - Backup & Restore
    - Software Management
    - User Management
  • Functionality based Licensing Strategy
  • Albis owned Framework
  • Navigation Map and Tree with Search function
  • Multi-level sub-networks
  • Colored alarm indication (node, device)
  • Conditional audible alarm indication
  • Alarm lists (Sub network / NE / Card) and filters
  • Alarm, Event and Audit Log
  • Graphical Device Views (ULAF Racks / Compact Shelf / Desktops / Stand-Alone ACCEED)
  • Centralized software distribution management
  • Inventory data with export function
  • Performance statistics with export function
  • Alarm assignment and handover
  • Manual and periodic back-up & restore for both single and multi NE selections

Data Sheet MetroIntegrator
Network and Element Manager V1.6 for the ULAF+ Access and Aggregation Platform