Fiber Service Gateways

Ultra high-speed Internet and nearly unlimited bandwidth are the pillars of fiber-based Next Generation Networks (NGN). No limits, be it Cloud Computing, Ultra HDTV, Video on Demand (VoD) or virtual space – the world of Internet is booming and rapidly growing together. The key to your success is the unique Blue Wing Fiber Home Gateway portfolio from albis-elcon!

Network architectures are as different as customers requirements regarding the optimal network termination. Apart from technology, features and functions, the right decision for the right product will be driven by the operating and service costs, and in the same way by the criterion how future-proof the solution will be.

albis-elcon offers you a well-developed and technically mature portfolio of fiber  network termination products which covers layer 1, layer 2 and “fully-featured” layer 3 topologies. Meeting all requirements for a deployment in Open Access scenarios, the FTTHomebox can be used as passive network termination, whereas the BlueWing FOS10neo allows application as media converter - both likewise suitable in Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet point-to-point structures. Featured with options like CATV (FTTHomebox) or layer 2 management functions (FOS10neo), you will lay the cornerstone for a flexible network termination which matches today´s and tomorrow´s requirements in terms of bandwidth and technology.

As a complementary solution, albis-elcon offers a wide range of exclusive and state-of-the-art Blue Wing Fiber Home Gateway products which are interoperable with the layer 1 and 2 network termination, but can be used as well for direct termination (inbox fiber termination). They offer multiple features: real wire-speed routing performance (up to 2 Mbps bidirectional), Wireless 802.11 b,g,n, 4 /8 Fast- and Gigabit Ethernet ports, VoiP and ISDN interfaces, but provide also professional management features such as TR069 and SNMP. Perfect home connectivity is guaranteed by UPnP and DNLA. All in all, albis-elcon offers future-proof and high-performance Fiber to the Home Gateways, with a maximum of comfort, security and quality.