Access Demarcation Devices


Business customers today need a modern and efficient communication infrastructure. They require extremely versatile and high-performance network systems and terminal equipment. Special attention is hereby paid by the carriers to meet:

  • the business requests for highly available, symmetrical broadband services
  • the demands for guaranteed service level agreements (SLA)
  • the requirements with respect to bandwidth management and separation of individual voice and data services
  • the guaranteed availability of certain services using efficient prioritization algorithms.

Network operators have bundled such requirements under the term "Carrier Ethernet".

"Carrier Ethernet" networks offer standardized services to business subscribers. Such services allow faster and more cost effective adaptations to customer requirements without additional on-site installation or configuration. End-to-end supervision of the transmission quality allows immediate intervention in case of quality degradation or even network failures. 



Albis-elcon provides 2 product series to match customer requirements in access demarcation:

ACCEED is the powerful Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device required to connect business sites with the highest demands for line-speed forwarding, monitoring and surveillance and whole-sale E-NNI demarcation.

BIG, the Broadband Intelligent Gateway (BIG) series, is specially designed for the connection of business subscribers with up to 500 employees.

The BIG series is optimized for data applications within the Metro-Ethernet, Internet cloud services like Internet-based storage applications, the connection of branch offices to the head-quarters using virtual networks (VLAN) and prioritized voice and data services.