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Product Launch: ACCEED 3102

albis-elcon is launching its new Carrier Ethernet CPE

albis-elcon is launching the new Carrier Ethernet network demarcation device ACCEED 3102 with VDSL support.
With this new device we enable network operators and communication service providers an opportunity to offer high bandwidth services of more than 500 Mbps for local network infrastructure over the existing and still very powerful copper network. With the built-in Gigabit interface it is a perfect and future proven solution to benefit from existing infrastructure and migration to optical services without the need to change hardware.

The albis-elcon ACCEED 3102 comes with two bonded VDSL2 lines that are capable to deliver high bandwidth services up to 800 Mbps over copper.

The ACCEED 3102 runs the ACCEED OS, the unified platform and operating system for Carrier Ethernet services from Megabit up to 100 Gigabit services. The integrated fiber interfaces allow interesting migration scenarios, like a copper deployment in the beginning and a fiber upgrade later on, without changing the device. In addition, by using fiber cable as the main line and, VDSL2 as a backup line, it allows optimal bandwidth usage and provides link protection in case of a fault without a significant reduction of available bandwidth. With its E1 interfaces the ACCEED 3102 also supports legacy customer equipment and thus, allows a smooth migration of TDM services to full Carrier Ethernet.

More information about the product and albis-elcon’s network solutions you can find here.




About albis-elcon

albis-elcon supplies communications service providers with products and systems for fiber and copper data transmission and power feeding to enable broadband network deployment, IP network migration, and Internet TV distribution — all of which are fully-managed and software-controlled. With 15 million installed devices in more than 40 countries, the company is well-positioned to deliver superior-engineered hardware, software, network management, and implementation services.

Data transmission was the beginning, software control is the present, and network behaviour prediction is the future. Data management is the focus. Customer satisfaction is the priority.

albis-elcon — power to complete networks. More at

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6. August 2020
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