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News Archive 2016


SceneFlex System Grows

albis-elcon’s SceneFlex system is gaining momentum and making great strides to becoming an all-encompassing middleware solution for operators as well as for UI and backoffice integrators. Modularity and adaptability on the...mehr lesen


Vive la Fibre with the Ethernet Router EAD 1000 NG

What are the crucial features of a state of the art Ethernet router for FTTH application?mehr lesen


albis-elcon Succeeds in Developing the Middle East Market

albis-elcon concludes a transaction with Egyptian network operator for delivering high-speed business access componentsmehr lesen


Meet albis-elcon at IBC 2016

At IBC 2016, albis-elcon’s new SceneFlex integration approach for set-top boxes (STBs) will come alive, with the first implementations on real-world products.mehr lesen


Inside albis-elcon: The Secret Behind a Professional Service

HARTMANNSDORF, Germany – August 17, 2016 – albis-elcon puts into operation an outdoor test plant for its Remote Power System RPS 1600. An ingenious set-up simulates in detail a real application scenario, thus allowing for fast...mehr lesen


How to Extend the Lifecycle of TDM Services with CES

Many TDM based leased line services have been rolled out and are still up and running today. Despite the shift from TDM to a more efficient packet network, the nx64kbps TDM services based on E1, X.21 and V.35 interfaces are still...mehr lesen


How to Communicate the IP Migration Successfully

Recently an increased number of customers who switched from ISDN to IP-based networks reported on the media that they are dissatisfied. The social media are buzzing with discussions about advantages and disadvantages of all-IP....mehr lesen

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