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Event in Detail

Fibre Gigabit Solutions at BREKO Glasfasermesse 2017
25.04.2017 - 26.04.2017
Frankfurt am Main
Congress Center Messe Frankfurt

Explore Gigabit solutions by albis-elcon and discover how we can connect your legacy services with ultrafast IP networks in no time.


albis-elcon @ BREKO Glasfasermesse 2017

25-26 April 2017
Booth 7
Congress Center Messe Frankfurt
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main


To schedule a meeting with albis-elcon at OFC 2017, please contact


Philipp Neuber
Director Marketing & Back Office
Tel. +49 3722 7351 2935
Email philipp.neuber(at)


Key Products on Display

ACCEED 4420 Carrier Ethernet Solution

Using the ACCEED 4420 for Ethernet aggregation applications, operators and service providers can aggregate a significant number of customers to one 10G uplink, build 10G aggregation rings to backhaul 1G/FE customers, or support a higher number of UNI ports to address various service models.

The new EDD features immediate availability of the ACCEED OS CE feature-set and full integration with albis-elcon’s MetroIntegrator™ network and element management platform, enabling a comprehensive control of network elements.

By providing operators and service providers with a highly scalable, future-proof, EDD for Metro Ethernet Aggregation services, the ACCEED 4420 increases flexibility and agility and paves the way to software-defined networking (SDN).


FOS 1000 NG Fibre Service Gateways

albis-elcon FOS 1000 NG residential gateways integrate optical and electrical Ethernet-based data transmission with layer 2-4 functionality and VoIP, 802.11ac & bgn Wi-Fi, CATV and USB 3.0. The FOS 1000 NG series can be configured by a number of management protocols, including albis-elcon zero-touch auto provisioning mechanisms. The platform is ready for Smart Home applications.


Powerful dual-core architecture handles all real-time tasks by a dedicated core leaving one core available to process additional tasks. As a result the system is highly responsive, even while processing VoIP, Gigabit routing of IPv4 / IPv6 with NAT (IPv4) or bridging at wire speed. Full IGMP proxy functionality for a router instance and IGMP snooping for bridges are provided to minimise the multicast traffic load.


BIG 28 All-in-one Broadband Solution

Based on one single hardware platform providing three dedicated access technologies – namely SHDSL, VDSL2 and fibre – different scenarios and solutions can be modelled depending on the customer’s requirements.


The BIG 28 series are optimized for data applications such as: business internet access, cloud services, internet-based storage applications, connection of branch offices to the headquarters using virtual networks (VLAN), as well as prioritized voice and data services within the Metro-Ethernet Networks. The BIG 28 meets the requirements for SDN.


Comprehensive functions for bandwidth allocation and prioritization of services and interfaces are implemented, including CE 2.0 certified services. Also a wide range of VLAN configurations and manipulation features for company connections are available.


BIG 55 Business Intelligent Gateway

albis-elcon BIG 55 series ensure the seamless migration and business continuity of ISDN services to IP networks resulting in a superior voice and fax quality. Customers’ existing ISDN telephone systems remain in operation saving costs and contributing to an outstanding customer experience. The operator reduces costs by switching off the legacy network and benefits from a service-friendly operation and maintenance.


With up to 4 S0 ports BIG 55 can migrate up to 8 ISDN B channels to the IP network. Via cascading the number of S0 ports can be increased to 8. All 8 S0 ports are synchronized with a T3/T4 clocking output. BIG 55 supports various legacy services, managed IP business voice services and IP-Centrex applications. Local and remote configuration of BIG 55 is feasible over CLI (Telnet/SSH), DHCP/TFTP, SNMP or via TR-069.