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Network termination for ISDN access

with integrated terminal adapter and data interfaces




The NT1+Multi connects both ISDN and analogue customer premises equipment to the public ISDN network. The built-in terminal adapter provides two ports for analogue terminals, e.g. telephones, fax machines or answering machines. Additionally, PCs can be connected directly to the V.24 (RS232) or USB ports. That enables subscribers to digitally transmit voice and data over the ISDN access line while operating analogue equipment with ISDN service features.

The ISDN access line is linked via ISDN UK0 port. Two ISDN S0 ports are available to connect up to 8 terminal units, e.g. ISDN telephones. Two a/b ports provide connectivity for existing analogue terminals. For PC connection V.24 (RS232) or USB ports are integrated. The NT1+Multi is supplied with a comprehensive software suite for Internet, email and PC fax communication.

  • Two independent Basic Channels (B Channels) each with 64 Kbit/s
  • One 16 Kbit/s Signaling Channel (D)
  • Bidirectional transmission speed: 144 Kbit/s
  • Two services can operate simultaneously
  • Up to 8 ISDN access sockets via two ISDN S0 ports
  • Two a/b ports for analogue terminals
  • V.24 port (RS232)
  • USB 1.1 port
  • ISDN features on analogue ports, e.g. CLIP, CLIR, CF, CW etc.
  • Industry standard 2B1Q line code for ISDN UK0 port
  • Echo cancellation at ISDN UK0 port ensures bidirectional data transmission
  • Quick configuration thanks to accessible DIP-switches
  • Low susceptibility to interferences


Basic voice communications with two or more simultaneous connections, including data and fax

ISDN video conferencing

Broadcasting industry – reliable audio connection from covering point to broadcasting point

ISDN PBX – making outgoing and receiving incoming calls from any phone in the organization

Back-up Internet connectivity – automatic fail-over to the ISDN network for accessing Internet when the primary Internet line, e.g. Internet leased lines, broadband is down

Bank ATM / point of sale locations – ISDN networks make a good choice for connecting critical yet low bandwidth consuming applications, e.g. multiple Bank ATMs, point of sale locations which needs network access for accepting payment through credit cards

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