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„modern – mature – emotional“

albis-elcon has a new website

This is the new face of albis-elcon which is now also reflected in the company´s new Website that went online on October 10, 2017.

In the course of the cultural change and steady market development much has happened in recent years, mainly in marketing, which is why the old homepage was no longer up-to-date. Re-thinking matters, tackle the challenges by creating new and innovative ideas, to change oneself, and to grow with the upcoming tasks – this is one of our business goals. With the new Web presence we do not simply want to adapt to the developments, we also want to strengthen our outer perception as a new, united company: albis-elcon.

Not only the design has been modernized, the pages and their content have become significantly straighter, well-structured and more inviting than before. By using a one-page design it takes just one click to show all information at one glance. For example, user-friendly overviews of our numerous products and solutions from the areas Business Access & Backhaul, Energy Management, Network Migration, IPTV and Network Management, with relevant product information, potential application scenarios, and all data, are ready for download. This makes the new website the central contact platform for our customers, providing insight looks into the extensive portfolio of products and a multitude of approaches for solutions.

For telecommunication network operators, albis-elcon offers a wide range of products and solutions for copper- and fiber-based broadband access, remote powering systems, network management and Internet-based television (IPTV/OTT). One example is the MetroIntegrator, a remote monitoring and management tool: it is extremely reliable in operation and helps to drastically reduce costs for maintenance and configuration. In combination with our Remote Powering System RPS, both products lead to a fully-fledged and highly efficient energy management solution.

albis-elcon provides tailor-made solutions for any connectivity requirements, even in smaller production runs, since we produce in Germany ourselves and have a team of experienced R&D engineers who are able to address your specific needs. Our new website shows you how albis-elcon can complete and perfect your network.

Explore our new website, click through and find together with us individual solutions for your specific requirements.

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 About albis-elcon

albis-elcon supplies communications service providers with products and systems for fiber and copper data transmission and power feeding to enable broadband network deployment, IP network migration, and Internet TV distribution — all of which are fully-managed and software-controlled. With 15 million installed devices in more than 40 countries, the company is well-positioned to deliver superior-engineered hardware, software, network management, and implementation services.

Data transmission was the beginning, software control is the present, and network behaviour prediction is the future. Data management is the focus. Customer satisfaction has priority.

albis-elcon — power to complete networks. More at

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albis-elcon Contact:
Philipp Neuber
Director Marketing
Tel: +49 3722 7351-2935

10. October 2017
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