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How to succeed in the race for a full fibre network and enable the road to 5G

Now and in the future, more and reliable bandwidth is needed to enable intelligent applications for networking between machines and people to increase mobility and flexibility and to keep up with the ever-growing economy.

This call for higher bandwidth is becoming louder in all markets worldwide. The migration from older technologies to fibre, to cover high-speed and real-time communication, further increases demand.

Both fixed and mobile operators increasingly require more capacity in the range of 1 to 10 Gigabit. Especially wireless network operators are currently in the transitioning phase and need towards next generation mobile 5G networks.

As a result of this trend, albis-elcon has built a solid foundation by increasing the delivery of fibre-optic equipment in 2018 and targets to grow reaching more customers in this market.

With the BIG 2862, albis-elcon offers customers a perfect suited solution to support the ongoing migration to and build of fibre networks. With its multi-access technology the BIG 2862 is supporting the service creation based on copper as well as for fibre-optical networks with one single, universal device. With the “ONE BOX” solution, a wide range of business applications including Business Internet Services with L3 routing, Mobile Backhaul, Ethernet Demarcation with higher network layer functionality and security can be realized and the effort for the network integration, provision and maintenance can be kept to a minimum.

Due to its improved robustness and temperature-hardened design albis-elcon offers the perfect devices to ensure high bandwidth for upcoming mobile 5G and fixed gigabit service applications.

Click here to download our infographic and learn more about how the BIG 2862 is the perfect device for your way to full fibre networks!

Visit us at OFC 2019 and get more information about our BIG 2862 and our other fibre solutions!




About albis-elcon

albis-elcon supplies communications service providers with products and systems for fiber and copper data transmission and power feeding to enable broadband network deployment, IP network migration, and Internet TV distribution — all of which are fully-managed and software-controlled. With 15 million installed devices in more than 40 countries, the company is well-positioned to deliver superior-engineered hardware, software, network management, and implementation services.

Data transmission was the beginning, software control is the present, and network behaviour prediction is the future. Data management is the focus. Customer satisfaction is the priority.

albis-elcon — power to complete networks. More at

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