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Human Resources
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Apprenticeships at albis-elcon

We offer training and career opportunities.
For over 10 years, albis-elcon has been offering a wide range of apprenticeships:

Industrial Clerk (m/f)

Electronics Technician for Devices and Systems (m/f)


In addition we enable dual study programmes in one of the following degrees:

Business Administration

Technical Informatics / Computer Engineering

  • Specialisation in data and communications technology

Industrial Production

  • Specialisation in production measurement technology and quality management
  • Specialisation in production engineering

Electrical Engineering


We also offer general introductory placements and internships to school pupils. Furthermore diploma thesis can be written and supervised at albis-elcon.

After successful completion of your training programme, start your professional career at albis-elcon. Contact us, we look forward to seeing you!



albis-elcon System Germany GmbH
Human Resources
Obere Hauptstraße 10
D-09232 Hartmannsdorf