06.06.2017 08:01

MultTV Launches IPTV Service in Brazil With albis-elcon Set-top Boxes

Using the SceneGate 8073, Internet Service Providers Can Affordably Deliver Advanced Features Like...

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29.05.2017 10:26

BT appoints albis-elcon as supplier

Using the NTE8 network termination to offer best-in-class voice and data services

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20.02.2017 11:28

Final step to legal integration of the albis-elcon brand completed

albis-elcon renames the legal company name from ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH to albis-elcon system...

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Open-source software used in albis-elcon products

albis-elcon products may contain embedded open-source software, licensed under an open-source software license and developed by third parties. These embedded open-source software files are protected by copyright. Your rights to use the open-source software beyond the mere execution of Albis Technologies and ELCON Systemtechnik program, are governed by the relevant open-source software license conditions.

You shall be entitled to run the provided GPL / LGPL software, to make copies from it and to distribute these copies. If you distribute copies of this software, you are obliged to attach to each copy a copyright notice and a warranty disclaimer, to maintain existing notes on the received software unchanged and to enclose the applicable version of the GPL / LGPL license text.

Your compliance with license conditions will entitle you to use the open-source software as foreseen in the relevant license. In the event of conflicts between albis-elcon license conditions and the open-source software license conditions, the open-source software conditions shall prevail with respect to the open-source software portions of the software. The open-source software is licensed royalty-free (i.e., no fees are charged for exercising the licensed rights, whereas fees may be charged for reimbursement of costs incurred by albis-elcon). A list of the open-source software programs contained in the device and the open-source software licenses are available in the user documentation. Furthermore, the license conditions can be found on the following internet websites:

For more information about the GPL, see:
For more information about the LGPL, see:

If programs contained in this product are licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL), GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and this software is not already delivered in source code form together with the device, you can download the source code and the copyright notices of the relevant software from the internet at . Further information about the relevant products is available upon request.

Warranty regarding further use of the open-source software

albis-elcon provides no warranty for the open-source software programs contained in devices if such programs are used in any manner other than the program execution intended by albis-elcon. The licenses listed above define the warranty, if any, from the authors or licensors of the open-source software. albis-elcon specifically disclaims any warranty for defects caused by altering any open-source software program or the product’s configuration. You have no warranty claims against albis-elcon in the event that the open-source software infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party. Technical support will only be provided for unmodified software.