06.06.2017 08:01

MultTV Launches IPTV Service in Brazil With albis-elcon Set-top Boxes

Using the SceneGate 8073, Internet Service Providers Can Affordably Deliver Advanced Features Like...

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29.05.2017 10:26

BT appoints albis-elcon as supplier

Using the NTE8 network termination to offer best-in-class voice and data services

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20.02.2017 11:28

Final step to legal integration of the albis-elcon brand completed

albis-elcon renames the legal company name from ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH to albis-elcon system...

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Intelligent Quality Management

         Albis Technologies AG            albis-elcon system Germany GmbH
ISO Certificate by IQNet
ISO Certificate by SQS
ISO 9001:2015 by DEKRA
ISO 14001:2015 by DEKRA

albis-elcon has dedicated itself to the highest quality. Full compliance with applicable legal requirements and company-internal guidelines for quality and environmental policy are the benchmark in our daily business.

We guarantee the quality and reliability of our products. Each module is subject to rigorous testing during the manufacturing process - from visual inspection to in-circuit and computer-assisted function tests. We invest in state-of-the-art automatic SMT pick-and-place machines. Along with integrated test technology it guarantees high flexibility and production quality.

We certify our quality management system in regular audit procedures by the German technical inspectorate DEKRA and Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems SQS.