06.06.2017 08:01

MultTV Launches IPTV Service in Brazil With albis-elcon Set-top Boxes

Using the SceneGate 8073, Internet Service Providers Can Affordably Deliver Advanced Features Like...

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29.05.2017 10:26

BT appoints albis-elcon as supplier

Using the NTE8 network termination to offer best-in-class voice and data services

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20.02.2017 11:28

Final step to legal integration of the albis-elcon brand completed

albis-elcon renames the legal company name from ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH to albis-elcon system...

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Members of the Executive Leadership Team

Markus Königshofer - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Markus Königshofer has more than 40 years of experience in technology and leadership positions. He has been part of the UET management team since 2008 and the acting COO of the UET Group since 2012. Throughout his career, Königshofer has held several executive leadership positions in the electronics and communications technology industry, including managing director of Flextronics International and vice president of production and logistics at Ericsson Austria. After joining ELCON Systemtechnik in 2005, he developed the company into the strongest and most important business unit of the UET Group. Together with Werner Neubauer he led the realignment of the UET towards an electronics and technology group.

Markus Königshofer holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Higher Technical Institute at the HTL Kapfenberg.


Werner Neubauer - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Werner Neubauer has more than 20 years of experience leading world-class technology companies. Prior to being named CEO at UET, Neubauer worked at ELCON Systemtechnik as managing director. During that time, he enabled the company to realise significant profitable growth. Throughout his career, Neubauer has held numerous executive leadership positions at companies within the telecommunication industry, including international assignments in Scandinavia and the United States for Ericsson. He has a strong background in sales and product management.

Neubauer has an Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree and studied Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.