06.06.2017 08:01

MultTV Launches IPTV Service in Brazil With albis-elcon Set-top Boxes

Using the SceneGate 8073, Internet Service Providers Can Affordably Deliver Advanced Features Like...

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29.05.2017 10:26

BT appoints albis-elcon as supplier

Using the NTE8 network termination to offer best-in-class voice and data services

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20.02.2017 11:28

Final step to legal integration of the albis-elcon brand completed

albis-elcon renames the legal company name from ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH to albis-elcon system...

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Corporate Responsibility

ISO Certificate by IQNet
ISO Certificate by DEKRA
Environmental Principles

Responsible approach to humans, natural resources and environment

albis-elcon believes in a sustainable business management. We take social responsibility and environmental protection seriously. We certify our environmental management system in regular audit procedures by the German technical inspectorate DEKRA and Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems SQS.

We offer safe products

The product safety is determined by the quality, by ecological friendliness, functional safety and equipment reliability. We ensure a strict compliance with our client’s safety-relevant requirements and applicable legal stipulations. The products, methods and materials applied are subject to the laws of Germany, the European Union and the country of destination.

We strongly condemn conflict materials

We buy products exclusively from renowned manufacturers. We encourage suppliers not to use conflict materials by requesting proofs with respect to the traceability and transparency of their products and selecting unobjectionable partners. Read the full declaration on conflict materials here.

More information: Conflict Materials Declaration

We stimulate the substitution of critical substances by harmless alternatives

We are in constant contact with our suppliers regarding the identification of potential critical substances and their substitution by harmless alternatives according to the REACH regulation by the European Union. Read the full declaration on conflict materials here.

More information: REACH Compliance Declaration

We help to reduce CO2-emissions by recycling

Recycling is crucial for the reduction of greenhouse gases and contributes a lot to protect our climate on earth. Through participation in the dual system for the recycling of retail packaging in 2014, albis-elcon helped to save approximately the CO2-emission coming up with the average power consumption of a two-person household for 1,642 days.

More information: Environmental Sustainability Certificate 2014